Dealing with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases

Should any suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 present itself in the PBH then the following measures will be implemented;

  • Tracing- Boarding software can assist with tracing pupil movements and alert us to any pupils who have been in close contact with any case.
  • Cleaning- Any rooms, corridors or contact points that have been deemed to be in contact with a case will be temporarily isolated and thoroughly cleaned by trained staff with high grade products and appropriate PPE.  Access to these spaces will be controlled until any risk is reduced.
  • Testing- anyone in England with symptoms is eligible for a test.  They will be arranged swiftly and isolation adapted based on results.
  • Communication- via email and/or telephone to specific individuals (parents and guardians) as necessary.  Should any whole community correspondence need to be shared with action to be taken then it will be communicated via email also.
  • Pupils-
    • isolation in medical wing and doctor consultation undertaken.
    • if mild symptoms- 14 days’ isolation in medical wing with online learning and 24/7 care from boarding staff.
    • If serious symptoms- the assistance will be sort from NHS.
  • Staff- All residential and Non-residential staff will alert the school to any signs & symptoms and will follow the same isolation, tracing and testing procedures as pupils.
  • Bubbles- Each floor of the building will be a ‘bubble’ and considered separate household from the other floors.  The floors and rooms allocated to each pupil has been based on gender, year group and subjects studied thus reducing transmission risk outside of PBH.
  • Common Room & Dining Room- the same high grade daily cleaning protocols will be used in these spaces as others.  Meals will be collected from the dining room by bubble.  Each room has a dining table has food can be eaten in the comfort of your own room.  The bubble will also have their own common room night during the week and a rota for weekend usage.  Should governmental guidelines allow, we will adapt this policy with social & mental wellbeing also needing some consideration.

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