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Kensington Park School welcomes our partner schools to join the KPS Connected challenge!  

The KPS Connected Challenge is designed for pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 to engage with their communities and local area by responding to various stimuli through art, photography, film and creative writing.  

The theme for the Spring Term, inspired by the green spaces of Hyde Park which KPS and many of our partner schools border, is Nature. Students are encouraged to think creatively in their responses, and to express the theme in different ways.  

Examples could include:  

  • Creating a collage from leaves, twigs, and flowers collected in a local park  

  • Producing a short film on how we can protect the environment in our daily lives 

  • Writing a poem or short story based on the theme of nature   

  • A landscape painting/drawing  

  • Conducting a short piece of research on London’s parks, or indigenous flora and fauna  

We invite our partner schools to join the challenge which can be offered either as part of the art/English curriculum, or as an independent learning project.  

Responses from schools or individuals should be submitted to by Friday 26th March to be entered into our prize draw. A judging panel comprised of KPS staff and students will announce winners at the beginning of the Summer Term and award prizes for the following categories: 

  1. Best individual art submission - £25 Amazon Voucher 

  1. Best individual creative writing submission - £25 Amazon Voucher 

  1. The school with the most overall entries and/or the most creative submissions will also win a £100 Amazon Voucher, and have trees planted in their name through the National Forest. 

As we look forward to returning to the classroom, we are excited to stay connected with our partner schools by remembering the spaces and places that we share and that we will soon return to and enjoy once more.  

To find out more, or if your school would like to join the challenge, please contact Jessica Fitch-Bunce, PR & Partnerships Manager, at


“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” Dr Samuel Johnson 

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