“If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all.” John Cage.


We celebrate a wide range of genres of world and western music, encouraging pupils to learn and be involved in developing an academic approach to analysing, listening and performing music. Students experience a scholarly environment to understand historical and contemporary music and its place within society, religion and culture. Our music teachers enable pupils to develop their skills within the school timetable and as a co-curricular activity, encouraging their creative skills, understanding of spirituality and aesthetic aspects relating to music, as well as developing their analytic and critical ear.

Music students enjoy a range of educational visits from composition master classes to concerts and musicals, as well as cultural and historical music events, making full use of the vibrant music scene in and around London. 



KPS pupils are invited to attend a music series run by the music department which is open to pupils, staff and the community. This eclectic programme extends beyond the academic timetable adding a wealth of musical experience to the school’s co-curricular activities.

So, whether it be music to inspire the up-and-coming musician, an opportunity to unwind after a day of studying or simply for those who appreciate good music from the next generation of leading musicians, KPS Music offers something for everyone. 



We have developed state of the art facilities at KPS, including a dedicated music tech suite, practice rooms and the school theatre. We also make full use of local partnerships with churches and other venues for our musical studies. 

Students wishing to make use of our facilities to practice during the day can be given special access to facilities in which to develop their instrumental and vocal techniques, encouraging their independence in studying.


Co-curricular activities

Our music ensembles and choirs have been introduced to promote and enhance the music skills and experience of our students. Activities currently include: 

- Chamber Orchestra

- Choir

- Jazz Hub

- Composition Club (Music tech & traditional notation composition)

- Song writing club


Instrumental Lessons

We currently offer a select range of instrumental and vocal lessons on the following instruments:

- Flute/Clarinet/Saxophones

- Trumpet

- Piano

- Voice

- Guitar


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