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Exam Board and Specification Codes: Edexcel 9SP0


Spoken in more than 23 countries, Spanish is the world’s third most-spoken language after Mandarin Chinese and English, making it an asset to any professional profile. Whether pupils aspire to develop their professional skills on the stock market, in business, as an artist, or simply for travel purposes, Spanish can provide solid support. Learning a language broadens the mind and encourages approaching different cultural traditions, lifestyles and ways of thought with an open mind as well as promoting good communication skills..


A level Spanish is a two year course assessed by an end of course examinations. One of the fundamental differences is the higher degree of difficulty in comparison with the easier GCSE learning requirements. Learning about Spanish culture, literature, film, music and Hispanic history and traditions is an essential part of the A-Level curriculum. The counterpart to a most challenging curriculum is a far more interesting choice of topics to be studied.

The A level course is delivered in Spanish, and students develop the ability to participate in discussions and debates on current affairs and Hispanic topics.

Recent modifications as far as the examination board is concerned:

  • Assessment includes a target language essay on a film and/or a work of literature.
  • Independent research project at A-Level is assessed within the speaking exam
  • Compulsory themes – social issues and trends, political and/or intellectual and/or artistic culture
  • New Assessment Objective around knowledge and understanding of the target language culture – students are required to demonstrate this in the speaking and writing components


A-Level Examination

Teaching starting September 2017; assessment starting May 2019.

Paper 1 – Listening, Reading and Translation

Written examination on topics based on the society and culture of the target language:

  • Section A – Listening (30 marks)
  • Section B – Reading (30 marks)
  • Section C – Translation into English (20 marks)

(2hrs; 80 marks; 40% of qualification)

Paper 2 – Written Response to Works and Translation

Written examination on either two literary works or one literary text and one film from a prescribed literary text and film list.

  • Section A – Translation into Spanish (20 marks)
  • Section B – Written response to literary texts (50 marks); students who select two literary texts do not need to complete Section C.
  • Section C – Written response to films (50 marks)

(2hrs 40mins; 120 marks; 30% of qualification)

Paper 3 – Speaking

Internally conducted and externally assessed.

(21-23mins of which 5mins is preparation time; 72 marks; 30% qualification)

  • Task 1 (6-7mins)
  • Task 2 (10-11mins; presentation up to 2mins; remaining time for discussion)

(Total assessment 21-23mins: 16-18mins of speaking, plus 5mins Task 1 preparation time)

Pupils complete two tasks – Task 1 (30 marks) and Task 2 (42 marks)

  • Task 1 – Discussion on a theme
  • Task 2, Part 1 – Independent research presentation
  • Task 2, Part 2 – Discussion on independent research

All themes related to Spanish-speaking culture and civilisation.

Papers 1 and 3 based on the following four topics:

1. La evolución de la sociedad española:

  • Cambios en la estructura familiar
  • El mundo laboral
  • El impacto turístico en España

2. La cultura política y artística en el mundo hispanohablante:

  • La música
  • Los medios de comunicación
  • Los festivales y la tradiciones

3. La inmigración y la sociedad multicultural española:

  • El impacto positivo de la inmigración en la sociedad española
  • Enfrentando los desafíos de la inmigración y de la integración en España
  • La reacción social y pública hacia la inmigración en España

4. La dictadura franquista y la transición a la democracia:

  • La Guerra Civil y el ascenso de Franco
  • La dictadura franquista
  • La transition de la dictadura a la democracia


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