Astrum Education is the proprietor of three UK independent schools. The CEO of Astrum Education is the proprietor's representative. This is Mr Mark Labovitch.

Correspondence for Mr Labovitch should be addressed to 11 Carteret Street, London, SW1H 9DJ



The Governors of Kensington Park School provide vital strategic leadership and accountability, ensuring that both our financial and educational performance remain excellent and that key decisions about the life and direction of the School are in line with our overarching vision and ethos. 

The Governors monitor the standards within the School internally, and they are externally inspected by the Department for Education under Ofsted.

The Governing body is made up of the following people:

  • Mr Mark Labovitch, MA (Oxon), LL.M, CEO of Astrum Education (Chair)
  • Mr Rory Webster, BSc., ACA, Director of Finance, Astrum Education
  • Mr Richard Jaine, MA, Director of Education, Kensington Park School
  • Mr Marwan Mikdadi, MSc, Executive Principal, Kensington Park School
  • Mr Stephen Mellor, Independent Safeguarding Consultant (and the nominated Governor for Safeguarding)
  • Mr Gareth Davies, BSc., Headmaster, KPS Sixth Form
  • Dr Martin Meenagh, MA (Oxon), D.Phil, Acting Principal, Chelsea Independent College

Correspondence for the Chair of Governors should be addressed to the Head Office of Astrum Education: Astrum Education, 11 Carteret Street, London SW1H 9DJ.  

To contact the Chair of Governors or to request further information please contact