Charity Hot Chocolate

Charity Hot Chocolate

The students in KPS CAN were challenged to use their entrepreneurial skills and raise as much money as possible for charity from a £5 start-up fund. 

Year 9 students Kitty, Andrea and Matilde presented a proposal to the group to sell hot chocolate at break time to the students. KPS CAN unanimously backed the plan and the students sourced recyclable cups, hot chocolate powder and a variety of sugar filled toppings. 

After a busy first week, and a crash course in mass hot chocolate making, the students had not only covered their costs but made a good profit and taken on feedback from the students on how to improve their product. The following week they added milk and more powder, and are now producing tasty hot chocolates at a rapid pace and after three weeks of trading have raised over £100 for the food bank. 


Hot Chocolate Charity Dat at KPS


The catering staff took inspiration and, to celebrate the last week of term, provided their own hot chocolate and topics for sale for charity too. Homemade white hot chocolate and salted caramel hot chocolate were on offer alongside a variety of freshly made toppings and sauces raising over £50. 

13 December 2019


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