Python; A Necessary Modern Language

Python; A Necessary Modern Language

Written by Sarvesh Sundaram, Teacher of Computer Science 


Python is fast becoming the most prominent ‘language’ in our modern economy. Its use is wide and varied, from building financial models and data analysis in pharmaceuticals, to artificial intelligence in robotics and drone control. Popular applications such as Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Dropbox all use Python technology.  Python is also being used in many devices such as washing machines and smart speakers. The reason for its surge in popularity is its ease of use. Python is a language that is as close to writing an algorithm as you  can get. In a very short period of time, you can turn a business concept or idea into a written set of instructions and build a python code from there. 

Smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, are already becoming an essential part of our daily lives as we move towards home automation.  We are in the early stages of being able to use our voice to control objects in our homes, automate our lives, and free up precious time s to focus on the finer things in life, such as exercise and communicating with loved ones; and Python is an awe-inspiring tool for this task. 

At Kensington Park School, pupils are given the opportunity to learn this all-important programming language of the future from 11 years of age (or Year 7). Here, we summarise the top five reasons why every young person should learn Python. 


Five reasons to learn Python 

  1. Learning Python helps you understand logic and can be a launchpad to develop applications on computers and other devices. 

  1. Communication is key to   modern business, and Python is a tool that can be used for building modern communication tools quickly. 

  1.  “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Many electronic inventions can be prototyped using a small microcomputer (such as a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino) that would sit inside the device, taking input from sensors that deliver whichever output we desire.  Python is a quick and reliable language to write the  code for such devices to work. 

  1. Python as a programming language is used in data analytics, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, to build reliable ways of testing the effectiveness of drugs. 

  1. Python has libraries that can be used for machine learning and can be used to recognise faces and voices in video.  This can be applied to cyber security and accessing private data. 


To see Python being used in a Year 7 or Year 8 computer science lesson, contact us to arrange a taster session:

25 March 2020


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