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Winning streak continues for KPS FC!

  07 October 2021

Winning streak continues for KPS FC!

On Wednesday 06 October, KPS FC (U13’s) travelled away to the Bank of England Sports Centre to play Tower House School for their second game of the season.
With two simultaneous games of 8-a-side, there was plenty of action to see. Almost immediately, it was obvious that KPS were the stronger side in both matches and that the wins were certainly within kicking distance!



KPS FC's team sheet was as follows:

Erol (GK)
Francesco (GK)
Ridley, Captain
John, Captain

Match report:

KPS held possession of the ball for the majority of the game, and demonstrated to perfection their practical improvements from their previous fixture. By ensuring that they were communicating and working as a team, both KPS teams were up by over 3 goals to nil at half time (25 minutes).

An impenetrable defence consisting of Maxi, Sachin, Ibrahim, Kiyan, Christiano, Rahpael, Oscar and Misha ensured that both Erol and Francesco were able to keep clean sheets – no goals scored against KPS after 60 minutes!
In midfield, John and Artem made sure the ball was efficiently and constantly moved into the opposition’s box, creating multiple goal-scoring opportunities.  

KPS, handicapped with a '5 pass before shoot' condition rule, were able to consistently move the ball onwards to Daniel, Ridley, Danyal and Leo. KPS had tons of scoring opportunity - 16 of which were successful.
A great game all around. KPS FC should be proud of their impressive sportsmanship, and take pride in knowing they have secured yet another victory as representatives for Kensington Park School.

Congratulations KPS FC (13’s), and to Danyal for being awarded Player of the Match!

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