Kensington Park School is delighted to note the publication in paperback of ‘Provocations: Philosophy for Secondary School’ written by KPS’s philosophy teacher David Birch.

First published in 2014, the book has now been released in paperback with a foreword by A. C. Grayling, one of the UK’s foremost philosophers. Grayling praises the book as:

A superb provocation to philosophy itself… It should be in every schoolroom, and every teacher’s hands, as an instrument that will transform students’ interest and capacity across the whole range not just of their studies but their lives.

As well as teaching at KPS, Mr Birch works for the Philosophy Foundation, a charity that takes philosophy into schools, hospitals, prisons and the workplace. Whilst working for the Foundation, Mr Birch noticed a scarcity of resources on how to introduce philosophy to secondary school age students. He wrote the book to give guidance to teachers who were similarly interested in encouraging their students to think philosophically about the world around them.