Last term saw the launch of the House system at Bark Place and the beginning of the students vying against one another in various competitions to win, both trophies and House points, as well as striving to produce exemplary work to gain them further reward.

All four of the Houses, Effra, Fleet, Tyburn and Walbrook, slowly built their points up and it looked like the competition could be quite close by the end of term. However, slowly but surely (and with some cajoling emails from Mr Frost) Tyburn started to pull away. Their lead appeared to be unbeatable until a rallying cry from Effra was heard and they worked hard to close down the gap. Suddenly this was once again a two-horse race. Fleet and Walbrook did what they could to try and chase the two leaders down, both winning House competitions in their quest (General Knowledge and Poetry Prize respectively) but it was just not enough. It was then announced to pupils that the end of term treat for the winner would be ice skating at the Natural History Museum. This inspired a flurry of points for all four of the Houses as the pupils tried to secure themselves the House trip. The results of which were announced at Thursday break.

The end of term totals were as follows:


4th place – Fleet with 286 points

3rd place – Walbrook with 311 points

2nd place – Effra with 347 points

1st place – Tyburn with 360 points.

This result meant that Tyburn were lucky enough to spend Thursday afternoon ice skating instead of in lessons! The illustrious winners had a lovely walk through Hyde Park and then spent an hour on the ice. The resident ice skater in Tyburn, Andy, wowed not only his House with tricks and spins but also the rest of the public on the ice. Others, a little more unfamiliar with the ice could be seen clinging to the sides for dear life until confidence grew. By the end of the session and some masterclasses from Andy, everyone was skating around the ice unaided and rightly looking very proud of themselves. It was a fantastic way to celebrate all of their achievements over the last half-term!

The above totals have been stored and will be added together with the totals of the coming two terms so that the overall winning House can be awarded the House trophy at the end of the academic year. After Christmas, the slate will be wiped clean and the Houses ready to do battle once again…