Year 9 students recently visited the British Museum. The trip was a joint classics and art trip, as both sets of students have been focusing on ancient art this term. The art group made themselves at home in the Greek and Roman rooms, where they sat, moving from statue to statue, drawing examples of ancient portraiture. There is nothing quite like seeing the statues in real life, and the chance to draw sitting in front of them is such a unique experience!

While one set of students was busy copying ancient portraits, the other set went on to roam in the Parthenon gallery. This past term the classical civilisation students have been studying the Parthenon in great detail, using it as a stepping stone to learn about the history, art, literature, and culture of 5th century Greece. It was quite incredible for our pupils to see such a great part of the temple’s statuary work in person. The students recognised the stories of Athena told on the two pediments (and saw for themselves the incredible detail of these sculptures, from the folds in the clothes to the veins on the horses’ bodies) and were able to follow the structure of the great Panathenaic procession so beautifully preserved on the frieze. It was a brilliant afternoon and an incredible chance to see our months-long research come to life!