Students explored the theme of 'Space' in this term's Science Week, with a host of activities throughout their lessons and co-curricular time this week!


Students were wowed by an interactive assembly led by guest speaker Colin Stuart, focusing on the feasibility of human life and thriving communities being established on Mars. Discussions around food and oxygen supplies, research projects carried out in space and even hygiene and sanitation allowed KPS imaginations to run wild. A fantastic, thought- provoking session for all!

The fun continued as some of our Year 7 students took part in a space themed science club, having been set the challenge to create their own gas planets!

Students immersed solid carbon dioxide pellets into hot water and carefully created a bubble film over the rim of their bowl. The ‘planets’ formed as the dry ice evaporated, and the resultant fog was captured in the bubble.

The gas planets in our solar system are much bigger than the rocky planets and are in fact balls of hydrogen and helium. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are not solid, meaning it would be impossible to stand on their surface. Our young scientists represented this by prodding the bubble planets until they popped. A lot of fun and fascination was had by all!

To round off a fantastic week of experiments and exploration, Year 7 hosted a science fair on Friday afternoon for all their peers in the Lower School to visit. The science fair was a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase some of the brilliant project work that they had completed over the week. Well done to all our young scientists for their enthusiasm and confidence to be curious and question the world around them!