We raised over £70 at morning break time, which will contribute to our chosen charity (To be announced soon)

On the 29th of September KPS celebrated the European Day of Languages. The whole community came together in the morning for an assembly, which focused on the importance of  multi-lingualism and language acquisition. We also learnt some fascinating facts about languages across the globe. The school ended on a quite spectacular, multi-lingual rendition of 'Let It Go' from the movie Frozen, which challenged us to sing the lyrics in 25 different languages. It was so lovely to hear everyone trying out so many different words, from Russian to Thai to Spanish.

The day continued with an array of activities, starting with a very successful bake sale. Many pupils and staff donated delicious dishes for charity, although our brilliant chef, Fraser, certainly outshone us all with an amazing chocolate and strawberry cake. As a professional though, he could not take part in the competitive element of the Great KPS Bake Off, and instead we awarded first prize to Marco Stavro for his quite outstanding pirate ship cake. A close second was Davide Palano who brought in both sweet and savory snacks to tempt our taste buds. Finally, third prize went to Yara El Khuri for her flavoursome chocolate and banana sponge cake. Our expert judges, Mr Vanni and Mr Pearce, did say the competition was extremely close!

Later in the day, pupils took part in the 'find the flag' game, moving around the school searching for well-hidden flags. Many prizes were won here, and it was so pleasing to see so many pupils taking part. The competition to design t-shirts that promote languages has also just begun. Thanks to Mr Garcia for overseeing this. Finally, the post-it note sharing exercise was a huge hit and it was lovely to see KPS pupils sharing their linguistic knowledge with one another in what was truly a fun celebration of language and culture. 

Thank you to everyone who took part; we already cannot wait for 2019!