Report by A-Level pupil Crystel 

On the 9th of March 2019, our Young Enterprise team at Kensington Park School headed to our second trade fair, at Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth. We were joined by 6 other teams, and we all gathered around one end of the shopping centre, promoting and selling our product to passers-by.

Our product, a USB stick with military encryption to protect files, interested many people and several new encounters were made! Despite our product currently being only viable for Windows users, several sales were made. In the future, our team plans to expand into the IOS market. It was once more an enriching experience that enabled us to gain more practice in sales and customer service, as well as more insight as to how our team will lead with our product.

At 2 pm, the winners of this round’s competition were revealed. Fortunately, our team won the ‘Best Product’ award, awarded by the mayor of Wandsworth! We were praised for the concept of our product, and enjoyed a brief conversation with the mayor. As our next competition approaches, our team continues to work hard to present the best possible version of our product!