The Easter period offers an interval of uninterrupted time where students can further develop their confidence in advance of their GCSE and A level exams. While this time can make the difference in terms of improving results, it can be challenging for students to understand what to focus on and how to successfully maximise this time without feeling overwhelmed.

At KPS we offer intensive, week-long Easter Revision Courses taught by experienced subject specialists in a structured learning environment, offering lessons covering core topics and exam technique, as well as past paper practice. 

The programme has been designed to ensure that each student receives a high-degree of individual attention and support, boosting their confidence and improving results ahead of examinations. 

Below are three key reasons why it is worth investing in our KPS Easter Revision programme. 

KPS Easter Revision:
Three Reasons

1. Our Personalised Approach 
Our courses have the added benefit of small teaching groups, allowing students to enjoy a high degree of individual support, whilst also studying with like-minded peers. In our small classroom setting, teachers can easily identify the areas where students may need more attention, and tailor their approach to meet the needs of each individual. At the end of the course, students also receive an individualised subject report outlining the areas on which they should focus further revision.

2. Structured and Supervised Learning Environment
We provide a structured learning environment which guarantees students fixed hours of preparation, with the benefit of a subject specialist to keep them on track. This one-on-one support can help to clarify and resolve any misunderstandings more quickly than if one were revising from home without expert supervision. 

3. Focus on Exam Technique
What it is important that the course content is properly understood, learning how to translate that knowledge into the structure the exam boards are looking for is essential. This consideration is at the heart of our approach, ensuring that students know exactly what is expected of them in the exam through thorough past paper practice and a focus on exam technique.

To learn more about our GCSE/IGCSE and A level Easter Revision courses, contact us on or via telephone +44 (0)20 7616 4407.