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KPS recognises and celebrates achievements through a range of scholarships

We award merit-based scholarships based on ability, attainment, and achievement in academia, music, drama, art and sport. Scholars are ambassadors for the school and are expected to act as positive role models and leaders.

Candidates wishing to be considered for a scholarship at Kensington Park School must indicate this on the school Registration Form.

Applicants applying for a music, drama, art or sport scholarship will be asked to submit a portfolio of their work or a resumé of their sporting or artistic achievements. Performing arts candidates may present a singing, musical, dance or dramatic performance for assessment. 

Kensington Scholars Programme

The Kensington Scholars Programme is for applicants entering the Sixth Form. Scholarship awards are based upon success in GCSE results and potential success at A-Level. For further details, please click here.

Art, Music and Drama Scholarships

We appreciate that some students require specialist external training and rehearsal time which can be costly. These include young musicians taught by leading independent teachers; actors at drama schools; and athletes training with professional clubs and associations. KPS is able to support these gifted young people by offering both financial scholarships and the freedom to remain with an existing coach/club or join one of our partners.

Sports Scholarships

At Kensington Park School, we are in a unique position to support students who are pursuing top sports or performing arts programmes alongside academic study. We offer students the flexibility to balance their studies around their sporting commitments, allowing them to train for 20+ hours a week and receive a balanced education.

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