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Kensington Park School welcomes students wishing to board at our boarding residence, Princes Beatrice House.

Princess Beatrice House is amongst the best in the UK for boarding. Tasteful decor and furnishings, coupled with a unique central London location and an excellent pastoral team, ensure that our students feel happy, safe and supported as they make the most of their time with us. A rich variety of extra curricular activities introduces students to the many exciting opportunities the capital has to offer.

Take a look at our video tour here and gain an insight life in PBH.


KPS students who wish to board are able to make the most of living in the heart of London whilst also enjoying a high standard of pastoral care.

Our boarding house is carefully managed 24 hours per day, and professional boarding staff work alongside the KPS academic team to ensure that every student is nurtured and supported. The residential tutor programme runs in tandem with the school’s own tutoring system, ensuring boarding staff are aware of students’ academic performance, and teachers are sensitive to their progress in boarding. 

Residential tutors also augment the academic tutorials that students receive in school with sessions in the boarding house on topics such as intercultural understanding and British values. Whilst we encourage students to enjoy as many of London’s cultural attractions as possible, we do so in an environment that is carefully managed. Daily registration, house meetings, and strict curfews ensure that KPS students have the right balance between enjoying London and staying safe.

We offer exceptional single and double rooms. All our rooms have en-suite bathrooms and kitchenettes which supplement our outstanding catering provision. Our in house catering team provide two meals a day with a variety of cuisines and all dietary needs accounted for.  The dining room is a bright, open and sociable space for students to eat, relax, build friendships with fellow boarders and study together or independently. Our common room is another comfortable space for students to spend time with each other, take part in film nights, house activities and experience the unique offering that boarding can provide.

Below you can see our three guides to student life at Princess Beatrice House:

The Boarding Guidebook

The Boarding Handbook

The Boarding Rulebook


Copies of the Guidebook and Rulebook have been made available to all students living in PBH.

Meet our Boarding team


Mr Ben Rogers, Head of Boarding:

Ms Paula Southam, Deputy Head of Boarding


Ms Anne Davies, School Nurse


Mr Koby Jeffries, House Parent

Boarders benefit from the shared living experience of the boarding provision. They become more confident, develop social skills, make friends and enjoy their experience of boarding. They also make good progress in their education. There is a gradual process of induction and a high level of support. Boarders learn independence and how to stay safe in the community.

- Ofsted report 2018

Boarding TourBoarding Handbook

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