The House system at KPS plays a key role in fostering the strong sense of community and interconnectedness across year groups that exists within the school.

On joining KPS, each student and member of staff is placed into one of the four KPS Houses, named after the lost rivers of London: Fleet, Effra, Walbrook and Tyburn. Each House is led by a Head of House who is a member of the teaching staff, as well as two House Captains who are elected at the end of Year 10. This allows students within the Senior School to take on positions of responsibility and develop vital leadership skills.

Our Houses bring students from across the school together, helping to break down barriers between year groups, and allowing older pupils to act as role models and mentors to younger peers in their House.  Students will remain with their House throughout their time in the school, which ensures they develop a strong sense of belonging and encourages loyalty, commitment, and camaraderie. Our House system also underpins our pastoral care by providing pupils with a smaller ‘family’ with which to identify and connect within the wider student body.

The KPS Houses are at the heart of our rewards system, and are a considerable source of pride and friendly competition. Students earn House points for thoughtful, kind, and helpful actions as well as academic performance and sporting, musical, or artistic achievement, giving each pupil the chance to contribute to their House on their own merits. Popular interhouse competitions and events, which take place each term, teach students the value of teamwork and collaboration, as well as how to be gracious in both victory and defeat. At the end of each term, the House with the most points is rewarded with a house trip or prize.