The GCSE curriculum is designed to provide both academic breadth and rigour, preparing students not only for success in their examinations, but to make informed decisions about their subject choices in the Sixth Form.

The two-year GCSE programme, which begins in Year 10, provides students with a strong academic foundation from which to progress onto A levels. Students typically study ten subjects which are selected for study in the spring of Year 9.  Our GCSE courses are a mixture of GCSE and IGCSE to provide the most engaging and academically stimulating curriculum. All students study the core subjects of Mathematics, English Language and English Literature, one Modern Language, and three Science subjects selected from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science. Students choose a further three subjects which may include a fourth Science; a second Modern Language; a Creative Arts subject; another Humanities subject; or Business Studies, which is only available from Year 10.


GCSE subjects


Students per class


Grades 9 - 6

With no set option blocks, the timetable is designed around students’ subject choices, enabling them to pursue their individual academic interests and talents. Students are guided to select a balance of subjects which will appeal to their academic strengths and interests, and keep their future study and career options open, both at A level and beyond.

Students in Years 10 and 11 continue to take part in Physical Education, which may also be selected as a subject for study at GCSE, and Games, which takes place one afternoon per week. Students continue to have timetabled lessons in PSHE, which is taught by year group, as well as small group sessions during tutor time.