Star Education Investment Limited is the proprietorial body of Kensington Park School. Star Education Investment Limited delegates the day to day governance of the School to the Advisory Board.

Mr Hao Wu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, is the proprietor’s representative as registered with the Department for Education.

Correspondence for Mr Wu should be addressed to:

59 Queen’s Gate,
South Kensington,
London, SW7 5JP

The KPS Advisory Board has executive responsibilities on behalf of Star Education Investment Limited, and provides vital strategic leadership and accountability. This ensures that the School’s performance in the fundamental areas of the School’s operation, such as safeguarding, academic, pastoral, and financial, remains outstanding and that key decisions about the life and direction of the School reflect our overarching vision and ethos.

Accordingly, the KPS Advisory Board monitors the standards within the School internally.

The School is externally inspected by the Department for Education under the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

KPS Advisory Board:

  • Ms Stephanie Wicks, Chair, H&S, HR, Finance & Estates
  • Mr Geoff Feavyour, Safeguarding & Compliance & Pastoral Lower School
  • Mr David Sibson, Boarding & Pastoral Sixth Form, Education

In addition, the Headmaster and Business Director are invited to report to the KPS Advisory Board at their termly meetings:

  • Mr Antony Faccinello MA (Oxon) PGCE, Headmaster
  • Mr Benjamin Tan, Business Director

Correspondence for the Chair of the KPS Advisory Board should be addressed to:

KPS Advisory Board
59 Queen’s Gate,
South Kensington,
London, SW7 5JP

To contact the Chair of the KPS Advisory Board or to request further information, please contact the Clerk to the KPS Advisory Board on