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Pastoral Care

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The tutor system at Kensington Park School is intrinsic to a student’s success, forging a three way relationship between students, parents and tutors.

Pastoral care is central to our ethos and is facilitated by experienced tutors and small tutor groups. Our integrated pastoral care system provides students and parents with the support they need as they navigate the curriculum and co-curricular opportunities on offer.

The KPS tutorial system

Tutors are key figures in students’ lives at Kensington Park School and are parents’ first port of call for all day-to-day and pastoral issues. Parents get to know their child’s tutor who will seek to build a meaningful working relationship with them. Tutors send a weekly email to parents with a brief review of the week, which provides opportunities throughout the year to support families and allow for three- way communication between tutors, students and families.

In Years 7 and 8 we provide a horizontal tutor system.

Tutors remain with their tutees for the first two years of their time at Kensington Park School. This allows a strong relationship between student, parent, and tutor to develop, and helps students to forge lasting friendships with their peer group. 

In Years 9 to 11 we move to a vertical system of tutoring.

Tutors specialising in this age range support and mentor students as they make important academic decisions, laying the foundations for their future progress. These tutors remain with their tutees for three years and guide them through the all-important GCSE years. Alongside this, tutors are able to provide advice on time management as our students continue with their co-curricular activities, ensuring they continue to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle both in and outside of school.
The Year 9 students gain insight and learn from the experiences of their fellow Year 11 peers, such as how to deal with and prepare for GCSE exam pressure.

Student Voice


"Students show exceptional attitudes to learning, and their behaviour is excellent. They participate in decision-making through the school council. They show independence and maturity." 

Ofsted report 2018

We value the opinions and input of our students on all matters, and seek their views through formal and informal channels. Students are encouraged to discuss all matters of concern with their tutor who will share these thoughts and ideas with the school management. In addition, there is a Lower School Forum and a Sixth Form Forum that provide representatives to sit on the whole School Council. Students are asked to complete surveys on a range of school matters including pastoral, wellbeing and co-curricular opportunities.  



We have a school nurse based in our boarding house who is available, if required, to see students in the Lower School or Sixth Form should it become necessary during the school day. There are first-aiders on call at both the Lower School and Sixth Form who are able to provide initial assessment and care.

Healthy Lifestyle

The school is committed to promoting healthy life choices that students will carry with them as they grow and develop.

"Pupils know the importance of keeping healthy. They participate in a wide range of sporting events and activities to keep them physically fit and active. They enjoy the freshly cooked and healthy food options."

Ofsted report 2018

This is achieved via a comprehensive PSHE programme, an extensive range of sporting opportunities, a diverse programme of external and internal speakers, and a firm belief in the importance of healthy eating.

For years 7 to 11 there is a full physical education programme that all students follow, as well as a games afternoon. In addition to this provision, for the keen athletes, there are optional sports activities during lunch breaks and after school which take advantage of our close proximity to Hyde Park and other local sports facilities. The school also offers GCSE PE for those who wish to take a more academic approach to their sport and wellbeing. Lunch and after-school refreshments are served in the Restaurant. Our caterers are independent school specialists who pride themselves in providing a varied and healthy menu and are able to satisfy all dietary requirements. Food is prepared on site in our recently refurbished state-of-the-art kitchen.


Relationships between pupils and their peers, and between pupils and staff, are very positive. There is a strong atmosphere of care and respect.

- Ofsted report 2018 

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