Celebrating VE Day- 75 years on

Celebrating VE Day- 75 years on

The Coronavirus outbreak has meant that our country, and many countries around Europe, had to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day at home. Here at KPS, we couldn't let the anniversary go by without marking the occasion. The Creative Arts department have been working exceptionally hard over the last two weeks alongside the Music department to produce a VE Day themed production to celebrate this historic event.

Ms Piggott and her department have collected interviews and readings from staff, students and outside sources as well as creating a radio documentary dedicated to VE Day. On top of this, the Music department working tirelessly to encourage staff and students to sing Vera Lynn’s 'We’ll Meet Again' as a remote choir, which features at the end of the documentary. A brilliant example of cross- department collaboration!

Our radio documentary features interviews and accounts from...

  • Paul Vanni, discussing his mother and father's experiences of VE Day and post- war life
  • Richard Vergette interviewing his Mother Monica Vergette, who turned 95 this year
  • Ryan Mitchell
  • Hannah Farmer discussing her Grandfather Rick Wilmot's experiences of VE Day
  • Arun Mukherjee – Yr 11
  • Millie McDonald- Yr 7
  • Henry Thornton- Yr 7

As well as our KPS Students singing Vera Lynn's iconic 'We’ll Meet Again'.

Miss Jardim asked our students to submit VE Day inspired artwork and was incredibly pleased with the creative responses sent in by the students. Below you can see some of the submissions sent in by our students...


14 May 2020
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