Preparing for the future, Miss Piggott has been introducing our KS4 & KS5 students to the variety of job opportunities available to them in the Creative Arts industry, through a serious of interviews with various industry experts!
'15 minutes with' gives our students an opportunity to hear from actors, theatre directors, producers and make up artists to name a few, providing them with an insight into what those careers involve from a daily perspective as well as how the universities and courses students choose to study at will enhance those career paths.
You can watch short promotional clips from Miss Piggott's interviews here and also via our official KPS YouTube channel.

Our first interview is with actress Tafline Steen who shares her advice on audition techniques and how she's adapted to remote interviews and auditions- similar to our online teaching and learning experiences here at KPS!

Our second interview is with Matt Jewson, Engagement Producer at the Mercury Theatre Colchester  who discusses the most rewarding parts of his job, including making connections between the artists and creatives he's met as well as the audiences you're working for!

Miss Piggott's third installment is with TV and Film Make Up Artist Jessie Harrison who's worked on ahuge rnage of TV and blockbuster movies, including The Legend of Tarzan, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey and much more. Here she discusses working in a a predominantly female- led area of the industry and her experiences with that.


Our fourth interview is with Matthew Elliot, a director who teaches at LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts). In this interview, Miss Piggott and Matthew speak about his specialism: Applied and Community Theatre. Matthew is incredibly inspirational and our Y11s have already been amazed by his candid answers to the questions asked during this interview.