Today our Lower School were thrilled to host this term's House Music Competition- a musical event that celebrates the talented musicians of KPS. The whole school had the opportunity to hear the performers play a piece of their choice that they felt best demonstrated their musical skills. The instrumental teachers then judged and scored the expression, technique and overall performance, with the combined score deciding the winning house. For the first time, we will also cast a student vote!

Separate to the judges’ vote, the students will mark each performer out of 10 for their performance, giving an overall winner.

Fleet, Tyburn, Walbrook & Effra were all represented by 2 – 3 students- from singing, to the drums, to a ukulele, the Lower School were treated to outstanding performances by every single student who took part.

Fleet House was represented by….

Lola, Year 10

Markos, Year 8

Lilly, Year 8

Tyburn House was represented by…

Mia, Year 9 (Singing a song she wrote herself)

Zara, Year 9

Austin, Year 9


Walbrook House was represented by…

Adela, Year 9

Oisin, Year 10

Robert, Year 10

Effra House was represented by…

Niko, Year 10

Nathalie, Year 10


KPS as a whole was hugely impressed by the confidence and passion each student gave to their performance, which were testaments to the support and encouragement they have received from Miss Bernardino in the Music department as well our peripatetic music teachers throughout the term.


A competition however is not without points and prizes- each student who performed received House points, and scores were awarded by our musical staff as well as the students themselves, who were able to vote towards their favourite musical act.

Without further ado, we are delighted to announce that the House who received the highest score today is…


Well done to Lola, Markos and Lily for their incredible performances today. 150 points were awarded to Fleet- but a close win it was, with only 1 more point awarded than the second place House!

We are also delighted to announce that our solo performance winner is…


Congratulations Robert for your brilliant piano performance this morning. Walbrook are hugely proud of you!

Drum roll please… We are thrilled to announce that with over 900 points each, our student vote has placed these three students in the top three winning positions…

Lola, Nathalie and Lilly!

A huge congratulations to all our winners! They are thoroughly deserving of their scores and have set the bar really high for our future competitions. They will be receiving certificates and an abundance of house points in the days to come.

The level of dedication and discipline that all the musicians have demonstrated is truly admirable and should be an inspiration to all those who watched around the school. No matter what the world throws our way, it is moments like these that we can share as a school community that make the years of hard work and perseverance to perfect their craft, all worthwhile.