Disney Headquarters, Hammersmith

On the 25th of March 2019, our Young Enterprise team at Kensington Park School made our way to our first official Young Enterprise competition, at the Disney Headquarters in Hammersmith. It lasted from 14:00-19:00, during which our dedication and diligence was proved.

Our product, a military grade encrypted USB stick to secure your files, was displayed and sold at our stand, where judges would come and visit us to talk about our product. After this, rehearsals began, during which all the teams would get to practice their presentation on stage. Some feedback was given, and then the interviews with judges began. Five of our team members headed into the interview, where questions about the product and our company were asked by individual judges. Our team handled this smoothly and with skill. Soon after, guests started arriving and presentations were performed one by one. Despite our nerves, it was completed proficiently. Mingling ensued, as teams waited for the judges’ final decision.

At 18:30, the judges announced their winners. Fortunately, our team won Disney’s creativity award! Most importantly, as 2nd runner up for Best Company, our team became a finalist for the next round of competitions! This journey doing Young Enterprise has truly been a rewarding experience, and qualifying for another round is an accomplishment that we are collectively very proud of.

Morale runs high as we prepare for our next competition, at the HSBC offices on the 2nd of May!