The new academic year is upon us, and we are looking forward to welcoming the KPS community back for another exciting term ahead!

 While the summer holidays are an important time for staff and students alike to rest and recharge, we know that after six weeks away from the classroom the return to school can feel a little daunting. Together with our academic team, we have compiled our ‘top tips’ for students to help ease the transition back to school life and ensure the start of term is as smooth and enjoyable as possible! Read our ‘back to school’ checklist below! 




  1. Return to Routine  

With no morning school bus to run for, it is easy to fall out of your term-time routine during the summer holidays, and the return to the classroom can be a shock to the system. Build back up to your usual routine gradually, practicing getting a good night’s sleep, waking up a little earlier, and having a good breakfast the week before term starts. 

  1. Preparation is key! 

 In the excitement of a summer free from homework, essays, and revision, you may find that your usual workspace has been a bit neglected, and your school bag hasn’t moved from where you left it on the last day of term. Spend some time getting your desk or study space ready for the term ahead: clear away last year’s things, dust off your school bag, and restock your pencil case! This will help you to mentally prepare for the term ahead and hit the ground running when lessons start. 

The day before the first day of term, make sure you've had a good night’s sleep; your school bag is packed with the equipment you'll need for your lessons; and your uniform is laid out ready for the morning. Taking ten minutes to organise yourself the night before will help you to avoid the typical morning rush, and feel relaxed and excited on the first morning of term. 

  1. Read ahead in your subjects 

While the summer is no doubt a great time to ‘switch off’, it can mean that the thought of picking up your books again in September feels overwhelming. Researching your courses of study and the syllabus of your chosen subjects before you return to school is a great way to prepare for the new academic year. For those embarking on the GCSE or A Level programme in particular, ask your teachers for a recommended reading list of texts, articles, and books which will support you and help you to get a head start on your courses.  

  1. Sign-up for co-curricular clubs and activities!  

Co-curricular programmes are a great opportunity for students to make friends, develop life skills, and explore new and existing hobbies, and the new school year brings with it a host of exciting activities for students to enjoy. Check out your school calendar, research the options available, and sign up to your chosen clubs and societies in the first week of term – this will not only give you things to look forward to, but help you feel organized and prepared for the term ahead. 

  1. Start talking 

After six weeks away from the classroom, the start of term is an adjustment period for many students. Be confident, smile, and remember everyone is in the same boat. Your tutor will be available to help and support you as you settle back in to school life, but make sure you know who else you can speak to if you have any worries or concerns; for example, your Head of Year, School Nurse, or Designated Safeguarding Lead. Talk to your teachers, friends and family if you are feeling anxious, and you will quickly find yourself settling back into your old routines.


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