The third installment of Between the Lines looked at Andrea Levy's Small Island, published in 2004.

Andrea Levy, who died in February, was a chronicler of the Windrush generation. Her most popular novel, 2004’s Small Island, is a finely observed tale of displacement and conflict, love and loyalty, and has been brought to the stage with its warmth and poignancy intact.

Between the Liners discussed a variety of topics including the shifting perspectives throughout the novel, Levy's ability to portray scenes and characters so richly, as well as the seamless transition between character narratives.

Another fantastic book club meeting was accompanied by a delightful menu, based around some of the central themes in this novel…

Rock Cakes and tea

"After the tense scene in the café, it seems fitting to suggest rock cakes and tea to soften them. Whilst it will take some baking, it might help to bring the book to life even more!"

Rock cakes recipe – BBC Food

Pork Pie and ale

" Again, a little something inspired by the book, as you never say no to food on a farm – why not go for something savoury and have pork pies! The offerings at major supermarkets are varied, but if you want to try your hand yourself, ideas are below"

Pork pie recipes – BBC Good Food

"Not one for ale (me neither!), why not pair with a delightful red wine? Matching a red wine with pork pie requires a fruity wine with low tannins and good acidity. Think of some of the traditional natural matches for charcuterie and cold meats like Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, lighter Cote du Rhone or Bordeaux which all fit this profile."


Finally, a plug for the final book club of the term (where the food and drink suggestions will be spectacular!)- click here to sign up and share thoughts on Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby!

Attendees should dress in their finery, fit for a night at Gatsby's mansion, and be prepared to see the roaring 20s come to life on the pages in front of you!

We look forward to welcoming our KPS parents & community to this dazzling final spring term Between the Lines meeting.