Report by Mr Jonathan Wong, Head of Science (Sixth Form)

As part of Biology Week 2019, excited KPS Sixth Form biologists and Year 10 and 11 scientists conducted an Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay. This is a commonly used biomedical research technique used by academia and industry. It is also the basis for urine analysis in pregnancy and performance drug testing. Although it is part of the A-Level Biology specification, it is rarely performed in the school setting so it was a real privilege for the students.  Furthermore, each Sixth Former was made to take the lead in assisting 3 Lower School students to develop their leadership and communication skills. I am pleased to say that all Sixth formers rose to the challenge. It was lovely to see Lower School students fully engrossed in the process and being super excited about being able to use micropipettes. We hope this inspires lower school students to continue to study Biology at the Sixth Form and for all students involved to consider a career in biomedical research.