The Easter holidays have long been a crucial time for GCSE and A level students to revise for upcoming exams. With teaching and learning having been significantly disrupted over the last two years as a result of the pandemic, and assessments due to take place this summer, revision courses are set to be more important than ever. While a revision course isn’t a quick fix solution, a well-structured programme with the right amount of focused preparation, exam practice, and expert guidance can help students boost their confidence and improve results.


We outline below FIVE key reasons why an Easter Revision course is A WORTHWHILE INVESTMENT

1. Structure and Supervision

With most students having two or even three weeks off from their usual schedule over Easter, organising a revision timetable and finding the motivation to stick to it away from the classroom can seem like a daunting task. Revision courses provide a structured learning environment which guarantees a certain number of hours of preparation, with the added benefit of a subject specialist to keep you on track. With an expert tutor on hand to answer any questions as they arise, an Easter Revision course can help you to get clarification and resolve any misunderstandings quicker than if you had struggled on your own at home.

2. A Tailored Experience

With the average class size in state-funded secondary schools standing at 22.3 in 2020/21, Easter Revision programmes have the added benefit of small teaching groups, allowing students to enjoy a high degree of individual support, whilst also studying with like-minded peers. In a small class setting, tutors can easily identify the areas that need more attention, vary the pace as required, and tailor their teaching to suit the needs of each individual student in the class.

3. Exam Technique

Achieving top exam results requires a combination of content knowledge and exam technique, an area which it can be easy to lose sight of when cramming dates, facts, and formulas! While covering the syllabus is key, learning how to translate that knowledge into the structure that the exam boards are looking for is essential. Each exam board has its own specification, style of questioning, and mark scheme. A good Easter Revision programme will not only cover core topics and the more tricky areas of content, but will ensure students know exactly what is expected of them in the exam through thorough past paper practice and a focus on exam technique.

4. A Fresh Perspective

For many students, Easter Revision courses offer a much needed change of pace and setting from their usual place of study. Led by subject experts with in-depth experience of the requirements of the exam board in question, Easter Revision programmes give students the opportunity to benefit from a fresh teaching approach and new perspectives on the topic, which can make all the difference when overcoming those mental revision blocks.

5. It’s All About Confidence!

Above all, Easter Revision courses are a great way to boost confidence ahead of exams. The build up to any exam series is an anxious time, and revising alone can feel overwhelming. The structure, focused preparation, and tailored support of an Easter Revision programme ensures students leave feeling motivated and secure in their content knowledge, revision strategies, and exam technique. With sometimes more than 8 weeks between the end of the Easter holidays and students’ final exams, an Easter Revision course will ensure students feel confident in continuing their revision at home.

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