Just as quickly as it started, another year at KPS has come to a close. 2020 – 2021 has thrown curveballs throughout each term at our students and staff, yet despite this, our school has risen to these unexpected challenges and not only survived, but thrived.

New achievements and successes have been celebrated across the Lower School and Sixth Form, from the RSC Olympiad challenge which our Sixth Form chemists excelled in, to the personal bests set at the Lower School Sports Day 2021.

Spring and Summer Concerts were put on with stunning musical performances made by students from every year group. The Creative Arts faculty hosted a fantastic Arts Week, with art exhibitions showcasing the work of our Lower School and Sixth Form artists, photographers and textile students. KPS was even treated to a Live Lounge event, an afternoon which gave our talented students the opportunity to perform in front of their peers (and parents) and show off the skills they'd honed throughout the year, thanks to their music teachers!

As a school, we are hugely proud of our students for the maturity with which they've navigated this ever-changing school year, and the adaptability they’ve shown when adjusting to learning with a 'virtual KPS' model during the spring term before returning back to their classrooms for the summer term.


Today's Summer Term commendations were awarded to the following students…

Year 7
Fadwa, Micha, Stephanie & Ridley

Year 8
Chantal, Felix, Sophia & Henry

Year 9
Omar, Zara, Alexis, Mani & Deena

Year 10
Toby & Kitty

Year 11
Timmy, Khet & Georgios


Sports Commendations were awarded to the following students…

Year 7: Charlotte

Year 8: Italia

Year 9: Maxi

Year 10: Athmaar


Arts Commendations went to…

Year 7: Leo

Year 8: Sophia

Year 9: Mani

Year 10: Andy & Davide


Today's End of Term celebration assembly gave KPS the time to reflect on the personal and academic achievements made by every single student and staff member over the last year. As always, the school was eager to hear how the House Point challenge stood at the end of 2020 – 2021…

We were delighted to congratulate Walbrook on maintaining their position as winners of the KPS House Point challenge! Well done Walbrook, led by Miss Jardim.

The points at the end of this year stood as follows:

Walbrook: 1,004
Fleet: 870
Effra: 839
Tyburn: 662

During this celebration assembly, we said goodbye to the staff members leaving this year and shared messages from their fellow teachers and colleagues who wished them well and thanked them for their dedication to our school. In particular, we said a fond farewell to Mr Sam Gosden and Mr Ged McKenna.
Mr Gosden has led KPS as Deputy Head, having joined the school at its very inception. Students & staff thanked him for his dedication to each and every individual, and his ongoing commitment to putting students first in everything KPS does. We wish Mr Gosden the best of luck as he begins a new journey as Head of Dolphin School, and have every faith that he will continue a tradition of excellent care towards his students and fellow staff.
Mr McKenna has been part of the KPS community for many years, having been a key member of staff at our sister school, before moving over to KPS as Teaching and Learning Coordinator. He is now pursuing a Masters Degree, and we wish him luck in his new chapter of his career in education.

As always, we wish our students, families, staff and KPS community a restful and refreshing summer: we're already looking forward to welcoming everyone back in the autumn term!