KPS Lower School had some very special visitors last week. We welcomed fifteen students visiting from China as ‘young ambassadors’ on a ten day cultural exploration of the U.K. The Chinese students, aged between 7 and 16, had been selected for the visit by Mango TV, a popular Chinese TV channel, and for many of them, this was their first trip abroad.

The young ambassadors started their visit by attending a variety of lessons including drama, art music, languages and geography. They very much enjoyed the classes, particularly the teachers’ student-centred approach. Following classes, they were given a tour of the school led by KPS pupils and staff, who discussed what life was like living and attending school in London. Our pupils found it fascinating to hear what school life was like in China and the big differences compared to the UK. At the end of the tour, our pupils were kindly given gifts from the Chinese students to thank them for the tour.

At lunch break, the Mango young ambassadors joined our year 7 and 8 pupils at Hyde Park. At KPS, all year 7 and 8 pupils learn Mandarin, so they were very excited to practice their languages in real life situations with their new friends. Together, they played football, baseball and other games.

The visit ended with the Chinese students trying a typical English meal at the KPS canteen. One of the Mango young ambassadors commented “If I could attend school here, I would love going to school every day” – a huge compliment to us here at KPS!