We've reached the first break in our school calendar- the October half term- and what a half term it's been!

The first 7 weeks of the school year have been energetic, exciting and full of promise for the full year ahead. With so many successes and achievements made throughout the student body so early into the year, it seemed fitting to recognise and award these with a commendation assembly.
Mr Mellor welcomed our students both in the theatre and virtually via Teams- broadcast into every tutor room- before reading out the list of students receiving commendations from every year group.

Without further ado, the following students received this half term's commendations…

Year 7

7 AP: Maia: 'Miss Pickard has… been impressed with Maia’s contribution to the wider school community, including being elected onto Student Council. It's great to see her level of maturity when engaging in discussions with her peers.'
7 PB: Olimpia: 'Olimpia has consistently approached every opportunity at Kensington Park School with optimism, confidence and politeness. Over the course of the first half of term, she has worked hard on developing her skills across her lessons as well as taking part in a wide variety of clubs.'

7 MT: Fadwa: 'Fadwa has made an incredible start to her time here at KPS, throwing herself fully into school life and picking up plenty of house points along the way! Her work ethic in and out of the classroom has been noticed by staff across the school and she should be delighted by the impact she has made on the KPS community in such a short amount of time.'

7 NC: Jonathan: 'Jonathan has proven himself to be an extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and hard-working student this half term. He has shown his love for learning across the curriculum, and has consistently worked hard in order to achieve excellent reports from all of his teachers. Ms Cebon has heard from many of his teachers that Jonathan is a pleasure in the classroom. Not only this, but he is also consistently polite and considerate.'

Year 8

8 AP: Karine: 'Karine's commitment to clubs, Student Council and being an Arts Ambassador is extremely impressive. Karine has a kind, and considerate nature which endears her to staff and students alike; her hard work and determination will ensure she will continue to thrive at KPS.'

8 IK: Sophia: 'Sophia has quickly adapted to KPS and became a cherished member of her form group. She is embracing KPS life by getting involved with a wide range of clubs, from French Spelling Bee to Spanish Club and has proven to her teachers that she is a hard-working and diligent student. Miss Kallan senses there is a lot more to come from her this year.'

8 SJO: Nyle: 'Nyle has grown in confidence and maturity since last year, and is more willing to try new things. He has joined more clubs, contributed more readily in tutor time, with a smile on his face, and has a genuine desire to hear about how the group is doing.  This speaks to the changes Miss Jones has seen in him and demonstrates the positive impact it has had on his school experience.'

8 JL: Vanesa: 'Vanesa has returned to school with the same determined attitude as last year. Vanesa’s focus and dedication to her studies has resulted in a number of successes in her subjects, including 100% in her Mandarin test.'

Years 9 – 11

U MV: Carlo: 'Carlo has shown determination, leadership, and dedication this half-term. He has been awarded an outstanding 22 house points so far! He has demonstrated that outstanding effort and consistency leads to success.'

U AG: Danial: 'Danial has had an outstanding start to his life here at KPS, both academically and socially. Danial was chosen to be not only one of our Library Champions, but also as one of our Language Ambassadors. Danial applying and being chosen for these roles demonstrates his dedication, work-ethic and eagerness for learning. Not only this, Danial has recently won the Black History Month poster competition, producing, not one, not two, but three striking posters on: Nelson Mandela, Serena Williams and Mohamed Ali.'

U SJ: Maximilian: 'Max has had a good start to the first half term of year 9 here at KPS. He has been a key member of his tutor group, participating in all discussions and activities with enthusiasm. Max has integrated into the KPS community really well through participation in co-curricular activities and creation of friendships.'

U LA: Peitong: 'As a new student himself, Peitong has been getting used to life at KPS. However, this has not stopped him from being a support to other new students and willingly giving up his time to help others find their feet. His kindness, consideration and approachability are qualities that I think all KPS students should aspire to demonstrate on a daily basis.'

U CW: Matilde: 'Miss Wallace has been very impressed by Matilde’s excellent participation in wider school life. Not only has Matilde decided to take on the Duke of Edinburgh programme this year, but she is also one of the new representatives for the student council. Well done, Matilde, for being an excellent role model for younger students and for your brilliant work ethic!'

U AK: Oisin: 'Dr. King has been impressed with Oisin's performance this half term. His hard work has not gone unnoticed by his teachers and his effort grades are Good, Excellent or Outstanding in each of his subjects. His solid performance in the classroom, coupled with a fair amount of resilience when faced with challenges outside of it, make him very deserving of his commendation award.' 

U PM: Kateryna: 'Kateryna, as a new student to the school and boarding house, has thrown herself into life at KPS. Kate is very diligent with her work and asks for help from her teachers when needing support. Kate is a member of a wide range of clubs, including sports, enterprise and academic based groups; her appointment as a library champion is well deserved. Kate should be proud of her commitment and contribution to the KPS community.'

U CS: Nathalie: 'Nathalie is a new student this year and has settled in amazingly well. She has joined a multitude of clubs, really embracing the KPS school spirit, and is doing very well in each of her subjects. She is also very polite and friendly to her fellow students and teachers.'

U HH: Athmaar: 'Athmaar has made such a positive impact from day one of joining KPS. She is a polite, kind and helpful member of the form. Over this half term, Athmaar has got involved in multiple clubs, such as enterprise club and the debate society. She has even founded and now runs a weekly girls’ football club! Finally, Athmaar is also a school Language ambassador.'

U JD: Jeyran: 'Ms Dano would like to nominate Jeyran for a Heads Commendation. Jeyran is a very conscientious, hardworking, and committed student who is taking her studies very seriously. It has been so pleasing to see Jeyran throwing herself into school life this half term! She always comes into tutor time with a smile and does not hesitate to help her peers to get through revision and stressful times. Well done for working so hard, Jeyran!'

We are immensely proud of every student who received a commendation award this half term, as well as all of our students who have worked incredibly hard this term, both inside and outside the classroom.

With typical KPS adaptability and maturity, from the new Year 7s to our seasoned Year 11s, every student has embraced our new ways of teaching and learning, and have continued to excel in their studies.

After a typically lively morning, students (and staff!) had their energy refueled with some rather 'spooky' nutritional dishes, served up by our wonderful in-house catering team. Whilst Halloween isn't quite upon us, our catering team wanted to ensure that students still got to enjoy their deliciously creative treats!

Take a look at our seasonal spooky Lunch time below…

    Jack O'Lantern Beef Burgers                                                                  Mummy- veggie hotdogs

Ghost popcorn balls, weird-eye muffins, and spiders' spiced pumpkin cheesecake…


We wish all our students and staff a safe and happy break, and the opportunity to rest and recharge before another busy half to the autumn term!