As part of our focus on healthy minds and healthy bodies, you can listen in on Miss Farmer's in-depth interview with world class England cricketer Tammy Beaumont!

Sport plays a huge role in KPS life, and cricket forms a large part of our summer Sport and Games curriculum. Tammy is the perfect role model of perseverance and motivation when it comes to training, mindset and determination.

You can read the full interview questions below whilst listening along to Miss Farmer and Tammy's interview via our YouTube channel or below…

Sports journey
Q1: "So to start with, how did you first get into playing cricket, and then developing to be in the top of your game and play for England?

Q2: "We've got an early question from our KPS cricket coach Mr Brazier. He knows that you played with some boys teams when you were younger, and growing up you even continued to play in men's teams: how did you find that as a young cricketer, and as a girl going into different schools and different matches and playing against and with boys?"

Setbacks and comebacks

Q1: "Tammy, you've had an amazing career to date. Can you tell me if you've had any setbacks along your journey?"

Proud moments

Q1: "As always, overcoming your setbacks and challenges leads to amazing moments, so could you please tell me about your proudest moment in cricket?"

Cricket training

Q1: "So at KPS we currently do cricket for 2 and a half hours a week during our Games sessions and we'll have a cricket club when life's normal so we'll have extra time for practice, team training and obviously our fixtures would be up and running. But what does it look like for an international cricket player and in particular in English cricket, what's the typical training week like?"

Motivation and Inspiration

Q1: "Sounds like we’ve got some good tips for our training sessions at KPS. On top of a training week and all the types of things for your fitness, for your skill, techniques and tactics, we know psychology plays a massive part in sport- can you talk to us about your own mindset and anything that motivates you and inspires you to keep playing at the top of your game, day in and day out?"


Thank you Tammy!

Thank you from all the students and staff at Kensington Park School for taking the time to speak with us.

We hope to see you soon and look forward to watching you play.