It’s the final day of first spring half term, and we've been reflecting on the successes of this online term in our assembly this morning. Our Headmaster, Mr Middleton, presented a series of commendation awards to students who have stood out this half term, as well as presenting Sports and Music commendations.

Mr Middleton and Mr Gosden reminded our students of the importance of switching off, relaxing, spending time safely with family and recharging during the half term break.


Year 7 Commendations

PB: Erol
"Erol has had a superb first half term, where he has displayed a real love of learning and excellence in every lesson. He has been consistently polite and enthusiastic for all of his lessons and I am sure that this will continue throughout the year.”

AP: Rancie
"Rancie has impressed her with her love of learning and the fantastic effort she puts into all her work. She has made great progress in a number of subjects and many of her teachers have commented on her strong leadership skills and teamwork, both of which are incredibly important."

MT: Leo
"Leo is being commended for his commitment and resilience in learning remotely and for his efforts in keeping healthy outside of school. He showed these qualities best by being one of the KPS virtual Olympic winners, demonstrating his desire to contribute to Fleet and remain active via inter-house competitions."

Year 8 Commendations

AP: Mohamed
"Mohamed is always polite and responsive, continually striving for the best outcome in every lesson and demonstrating a love of learning through his boundless enthusiasm. He is making outstanding progress whilst working remotely, and he has risen to the challenge wonderfully."

JL: Vanesa
"Throughout this period of online learning Vanesa has demonstrated resilience and resourcefulness. Vanesa has continued to work with the same dedicated attitude that she has in school; always striving for excellence in everything she does."

NC: Sachin
"Sachin has shown an enormous amount of resilience in the face of adversity this half term. There have been many challenges, and Miss Cebon has been delighted to see how he has handled these calmly and with maturity. It is a testament to what he is able to do when he sets his mind to it.”

SJo: Anais
"Ms Jones is nominating Anais for her continued love of learning and the excellent work she has produced during this lockdown period. No one can fault Anais' enthusiasm and diligence, and it is this that ensures she achieves academic excellence. Notably, some of her most creative, theatrical pieces, have been some of her best!"

RB: Mariia
"Mariia’s love for learning is always something that Ms Bernardino has admired. From her studies to her co-curricular engagement and activities outside of school, Mariia is always able to strike a balance between them all, and has excelled in each area through this remote learning period. She has expressed her gratitude and honesty in many of the tutor period activities and has illustrated her passion for creativity in the various House Competitions of this half-term."

Year 9, 10 & 11 Commendations

CW: Julian
"Miss Wallace has been impressed by Julian's bravery and sense of leadership in taking part in not one but two assemblies in front of the whole school. It took great courage to speak as Julian did, and he should be very proud of himself for wishing to share his ideas with his fellow students."

CS: Joel
"Joel has shown great resilience during this very difficult time. He has continued to be unfailingly polite during lessons, whilst consistently working to the best of his abilities throughout lockdown. Mr Sullivan has received positive feedback from his subject teachers informing him of how impressed they have been with Joel’s industriousness, behaviour and adaptability, all whilst still in his first year at KPS."

HH: Marilena
"Marilena excels in every area of school life. She demonstrates hard work and a genuine love of learning in all her subjects, and her school reports are always exemplary and has been awarded a huge amount of house points. She has been a great role model for her peers as she represents them on the Student Council, and also as a Language and a Sports Ambassador. Finally, Marilena is always incredibly polite, friendly and helpful to everyone she encounters."

LA: Costa
"Throughout this period of online learning, Costa has demonstrated a love of learning.  A standout moment was a fantastic advert he produced for drama which showed his creativity which Ms Piggott kindly shared with Ms Dano. Ms Dano has received multiple positive emails from teachers commenting on Costa’s participation in class and his overall performance in lessons.  He should be very proud of the work he has completed this half term and should be commended for consistently making the most of online learning."

PM: Lucas
"Lucas has maintained his focus and continued to display curiosity in his lessons. He likes to learn and question ideas, allowing him to develop a rounded understanding of his studies, and continues to display kindness and leadership when working with his peers; his enthusiasm helps to keep everyone motivated. That he is currently starting school at 5.30am local time and still manages to keep these qualities has been very impressive.”

MV: Kamilah
"Kamilah has earned her commendation for her teamwork, resilience and kindness. She has demonstrated how we should treat those around us and what it means to be there for others. She has worked exceptionally hard during this period of remote learning and has set a positive example for her peers."

AG: Isaac
"Throughout this period of remote learning, Miss Gammon have been immensely proud of Isaac's diligence and resilience. Isaac has had a fantastic term so far, notably for his outstanding academic achievement in math by completing optional work to ensure he achieves academic excellence. All of Isaac’s grades reflect the hard work and momentum he has been able to maintain while remote learning."

AK: Alani
"Alani has shown great determination and resilience throughout the remote-learning period. On numerous occasions Alani has had to redo pieces of work that failed to submit due to connectivity issues. He has made a sterling effort to ensure that he did not fall behind."

SJ: Willo
"Willo has particularly impressed Ms Jardim with his contribution to the wider school life through participation in House competitions, including the Master Chef, Photography and mileage competitions. His entries have demonstrated his creativity and resilience to challenging tasks and goals. A fantastic first half term!”

JD: Manuela
"Manuela’s love of learning has been reflected in her first ever trial mock exams this half-term. She is a kind and honest student who is always willing to help others. Ms Dano have been very impressed with her willingness to do well in all of her subjects despite being online!"

Sports Commendations
Ms Farmer and Mr Mitchell have awarded sports commendations to the following students for consistently approaching remote PE and Games with a positive attitude and excellent engagement in lessons, as well as evidencing physical activities in creative ways such as videos, presentations, and use of apps to a high standard.

Year 7

Anton & Maia

Year 8

Mohamed & Odette

Year 9

Carlo & Dahlia

Ms Farmer has also awarded sports commendations for:  Davide or his continuous effort in the KPS Running Club, Amelia and Manuela for their efforts and attainments in GCSE PE and Games. 

Music Commendation

For Music, Ms Bernardino has awarded Jonas for a commendation. Jonas has made wonderful contributions to Music this half-term. He has grown a great sense of melodic understanding in his writing, and learnt to confidently use new music software to notate his ideas with creativity over the remote learning period. He has exercised prudence and independence when approaching extended techniques, and has taken responsibility for his learning through his curious questioning and active response to feedback. Jonas is very deserving of his ‘Outstanding’ Music grades this half-term.

Exceptional contributions to our online Open Evenings

In addition to those commendations that Mr Middleton has given, he also added his personal thanks and commendations to the following for their support for the different online Open Evenings we have done this term. These students have stepped up and made presentations about their experiences of KPS to the virtual visitors – well done to all!

Fadwa (Year 7)

Lillyclaire (Year 8)

Niko (Year 9)

Balthazar (Year 11)

Layan (Year 12)

Filippo (Year 12)

Hannah (Year 13)


We hope all our students, staff and those in the KPS wider community are able to rest and recharge during the half term break. As always, the resilience and adaptability of our school has shone through this half term, and we can’t wait to see everyone for more energetic lessons, engaging debates and academic successes after the break- hopefully with a little more sunshine to enjoy our PE and Games lessons in!