KPS pupils name the new science labs 

Pupils at KPS Lower School were asked to nominate scientists who inspired them so that these names could be attributed to the five new labs that have been opened this year.

Khim Kaekongka chose Charles Darwin for the Biology Lab because he was a keen explorer and a collector of plants and animals. His innovative thoughts led him to develop his theory of evolution which challenged the scientific thinking of his time.

Rose DeLeon was inspired by Rachel Carson who was a female scientist who studied marine biology. She was independent and confident and her discoveries had a huge impact on the health of our oceans and other biomes. The Investigations Lab was named after her.

Dylan Holicka found Dmitri Mendeleev an inspiration as he started to order elements into the Periodic Table that we still use today. By his scientific thinking he was also able to predict elements that we have since discovered. He was one of the first pioneers of data sharing and collaboration amongst scientists around the world in the 19th century. His name has been used for the Chemistry Lab.

Davide Palano forwarded Galileo to name the Physics Lab. Davide liked how Galileo made many astronomical discoveries, using telescopes to observe the sky. He admired him for never giving up in believing in the importance of investigation, despite being accused of heresy by the church and imprisoned for life. He showed great courage and perseverance.

Mani Sandhu is inspired by Stephen Hawking and we have decided to name the Discovery Lab after him. Stephen Hawking was a theoretical physicist and wrote many well-known books such as A Brief History of Time. He was an inspiration because, despite suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, he overcame many challenges and made huge advancements in our understanding of the Universe.