Between 22 February and 26 March, our KPS community is aiming to collectively travel the distance of 1000km – with the aim of raising a £1,000 donation for our school charity of the year: Refettorio Felix.


It’s easy! Sign up to the Kensington Park School Strava group and walk, jog, run or cycle your way to charitable success. Through using Strava, you can compete with others along the way and track your progress. You could donate a set limit, or ask to be sponsored for each kilometer you travel.

See how to sign up to Strava here and join the Kensington Park School group.

Donate to Refettorio Felix via our Just Giving page here.

We’ll be releasing new challenges for each week of this fundraising for our KPS community to focus on!


St. Cuthbert’s Centre is a 30-year-old charity that was joined by Refettorio Felix in 2017 through a collaboration with Chef Massimo Bottura’s non-profit organisation Food for Soul, creating the current Refettorio Felix at St. Cuthbert’s Centre.

They sustain and support vulnerable people with positive and warm therapeutic services to accomplish the charity’s objectives of relieving poverty, hardship, sickness and distress. Their impact is grounded in the power of a shared meal of outstanding quality made with 100% surplus food.

Refettorio Felix at St Cuthbert’s:

So how far is 1000km exactly?

1000km from Kensington Park School (Bark Place) extends past the south coast of France, Milan in Italy, the whole of Switzerland, Munich in Germany, Prague and Berlin!

Fun Fact:

1000km is roughly…

The length of 950 Golden Gate Bridge’s in San Francisco.

The length of 100 double decker busses in a traffic jam.

1108 king emperor penguins laying down in a line.

We can’t wait to raise as much money as possible for this worthy local charity, and see how far our KPS community can travel over the next month!