KPS celebrated its annual Arts Week this week, with a host of events full of inspiration and creativity, allowing students to come out of their shell and demonstrate their remarkable talents in the areas of Art, Drama, and Music!

The Drama department unveiled its most ambitious production to date, 'The Calling', which took place over two sold-out evenings in our theatre! It highlighted the remarkable talent within our school – both in front of the stage and behind the scenes!

Our Music students hosted a Lunchtime Concert Series, where they performed a combination of their own original pieces and classic hits for their classmates! 

Y7 participated in a painting workshop with a working artist, who taught them the fundamentals of working with paint and canvas before inviting them to create their own mini-masterpieces.

Acting enthusiasts from Y9 & Y10 participated in a Physical Theatre workshop, where a West End professional invited them to dramatise verbal scenes through physical movement. It was a fun and interactive group activity that deepened their understanding of the craft.

️ The Y12 A level art students visited Tate Britain to view the modern and contemporary rooms, where they had full view of Henry Moore's monumental sculptures and the thrilling figurative paintings of Francis Bacon. 

The arts play a key role in the cultural life of KPS with this week providing the perfect opportunity to celebrate creativity in all its forms!