The Senior School and Sixth Form have been immersed in vibrant celebrations this week as students and staff came together to mark the Lunar New Year.

From immersive cultural experiences to delectable culinary delights, the festivities showcased the rich tapestry of traditions associated with this auspicious occasion.

The week included an engaging music workshop where students could learn and play traditional Chinese instruments under the guidance of experienced musicians. Participants delved into the intricacies of these instruments, gaining insights into their cultural significance and historical roots.

Students and staff across both sites also gathered for a sumptuous Lunar New Year lunch, featuring an array of mouthwatering dishes. From the savoury Char Siu to the spicy Ma Po Tofu and the flavourful Chow Mein, the menu offered a delightful taste of traditional cuisine, inviting everyone to indulge in the festive spirit.

In keeping with tradition, a serene tea ceremony was held, providing a tranquil moment for reflection and appreciation of Chinese culture. Participants were guided through the intricate rituals of preparing and serving tea, fostering a deeper understanding of the significance of this age-old practice. As a symbol of good fortune and prosperity, red envelopes adorned with New Year’s blessings were distributed to our students throughout the week, spreading joy and well-wishes throughout the school community.

The highlight of the festivities was undoubtedly the spectacular ceremonial dragon dance, where a colourful dragon snaked its way through the school grounds, accompanied by rhythmic drumming and jubilant cheers. The mesmerising performance captivated the audience, infusing the atmosphere with energy and excitement.

As the Lunar New Year celebration draws to a close, the Senior School and Sixth Form stand enriched by the experiences shared and the memories created during this joyous celebration.