We are delighted to announce the winners of the KPS Connected – Nature Challenge!  

During the Spring Term, KPS invited students from local prep schools to take part in the KPS Connected – Nature Challenge. The project was designed to inspire pupils in Years 4 to 6 to engage with their communities and the spaces and places that connect us by responding to the theme of Nature through art, photography, film and creative writing.  

The project was joined by students from Chepstow House, Connaught House, Sinclair House and the Hampshire School, and we saw a fantastic variety of entries and interpretations of the theme, from short stories, newspaper articles, and poetry, to collage, batik, origami, and even a minecraft model of Bishops Park!  

A very well done to all the students who participated in the challenge – you will all receive a certificate for your fantastic contributions! 


“Congratulations to all the students who participated in the KPS Connected – Nature Challenge! The quality of the works produced and talent shown by students was outstanding, and I was particularly impressed by the synthesis of art and creative writing which many pupils chose to explore. A huge thank you to all the schools who got involved in the project – we look forward to collaborating with you on further projects in the near future!” Mr Middleton, Headmaster 


Judging Process

All entries went through two rounds of judging, with our Head of English and Languages and our Head of Art convening first to select five finalists from each school. Our student Library and Art Ambassadors then met last Thursday to determine the winners. Below you can see photos taken during the judging process… 

Winning entries from each school…

We are delighted to announce the winning entries from each school who will each receive a £25 Amazon voucher for their work. 

Chepstow House
“Stories from Hyde Park”, Year 6 student 
A beautifully illustrated and imaginative story which showed fantastic use of imagery and literary devices.  

Connaught House
“Spider”, Year 5 student 
We loved the intricate design of this spider with its creative use of materials and incredible attention to detail – especially the gold thread used to denote the sections of the leg! 

Sinclair House
"Bird Box", Year 5 student
This bird box stood out not only for its creativity, but for the story behind its construction.  Made out of bark from tree that was being chopped down, this bird box is a great example of how we can reuse materials to give them a new lease of life! 

Hampshire School
“Ecopoly”, Year 6 student 
A truly unique spin on the game of Monopoly, Constantin’s Ecopoly design impressed the judges with its original design and concept, and innovative use of an old board game, truly embracing the spirit of the challenge! 


School Prize for Most Creative Submissions

We are delighted to announce that the judges have awarded Chepstow House the overall prize for the school with the most creative submissions. Chepstow House's pupils not only showed great engagement with the theme, but responded to the stimulus in a variety of unique and creative ways, from short stories, painting and mixed media collage, to swan bowls, animated videos, and clay models of the Round Pond! Chepstow House will receive the school prize of a £100 Amazon voucher – congratulations again!