KPS is proud to launch our partnership with TOTUM, formerly known as the NUS Card, enabling our students aged 16 and above the opportunity to access a wide range of discounts and promotional offers, normally only available to university students.

The TOTUM card is a nationally (and internationally) recognised card which allows students to get a range of discounts including fashion, travel, computer and phone technology, sport, health, entertainment and leisure discounts. It is also a valid proof-of-age card.

Students at KPS aged 16 or over (including Year 11 students aged 16) are now eligible to apply for a TOTUM card and can use the following link to make their application…

Once registered, students will receive a login and password, giving them access to all of the discounts, special offers and competitions which come with being a TOTUM card holder. Students can opt to have the card send to their own address or it can be sent to school, in which case it will be sent to Miss D’Auria (Psychology teacher at KPS Sixth Form & TOTUM KPS rep), who will pass it on to you.


TOTUM is endorsed by the NUS (National Union of Students) and we would encourage students to also subscribe to the NUS. Kensington Park School does not have a physical NUS building as these are usually found at universities, however we do have an active and effective student voice and Student Council. Students can find more information on the NUS and sign up here:, to keep up-to- date with student campaigns and news.

The National Union of Students represents over 7 million members across the UK in further and higher education.

The TOTUM Card is independent of Kensington Park School.
If students have issues or queries related to the card, they should send them directly to TOTUM. Information and contacts are available here:

For support, students can email Miss D'Auria.