KPS was thrilled to host this year's Summer Concert during Arts Week, with performances from students in years 7 – 10 at the Lower School. From drum solos to piano recitals to solo singing, all our students put on an incredible show for their peers, teachers and parents to enjoy.

Well done to the following students for their performances – we were overwhelmed by their confidence, maturity and talent! Many of our musicians and artists performed for a second time during the Arts Week Live Lounge session, treating our students to further pieces of musical excellence.


Year 7

Fadwa (singing)

Zhanna (piano)

Charlotte (piano)

Year 8

Markos (violin)

Mariia (piano)

Mia (guitar)

Year 9

Austin (drums), Yelisey (guitar) & Omar (guitar & singing)

Max (piano)

Seb (drums), Jack (singing) & Yelisey (guitar)

Year 10

Niko (violin)

Nathalie (violin)

Lola (singing)

Robert (piano)

Oisin (singing)


Kensington Jazz Hub