The students of KPS embarked on an exclusive tour of the iconic home of football history, Wembley Stadium.

Beginning with a stroll down the storied Walk of Fame, surrounded by the signatures of icons that have left an indelible mark on the sport, the walk served as a useful introduction to the football’s rich cultural history, especially for those students just beginning to become immersed in it.

Once inside, the changing rooms proved to be a highlight for many, with students able to find the shirt of their favourite player, and imagine themselves one day competing on a world-class level. They were also given a chance to see and hold John Stones’ latest Player of the Match award the previous week.

Next, they ran through the tunnel and stepped into the empty stadium, the largest in Europe, with upwards of 90,000 seats! They also ventured up to the Royal Box, a space reserved for the stadium’s most esteemed guests, including members of the royal family.

To cap off the experience, students transitioned into the Press Room, imagining themselves at the centre of a post-match conference, fielding questions, and posing for photos.

Overall, the ‘Home of Football’ greatly fulfilled expectations, allowing our students to step into the shoes of football legends, and providing them with a newfound sense of inspiration they can take with them to their next KPS FC match!