KPS is delighted to note the publication of Rebecca Mileham’s new book, ‘Cracking the Elements,’ for which our Science Technician, Andres Tretiakov, worked as an advisor and consultant.

Having collaborated together on previous projects, Rebecca Mileham approached Andres to work with her on her new book as a consultant and to check all the chemistry aspects.

Speaking about the project, Andres says "There are many books out there about the elements but what attracted me to this one was Rebecca’s view of focusing the book on human stories and their involvement in the discovery of the elements. This gives the book a much more personal touch and introduces scientists, especially women that are less well known. The book is full of interesting and sometimes surprising facts, magnificent pictures and clear diagrams. It is concise enough that you can jump into any page and immerse yourself in a world of elements, materials science and history, but the book is also updated to include the latest named elements. I found it very satisfying to be able to help and add one or two suggestions; I learned new things and overall thoroughly enjoyed the experience."

Thanking him at the end of the book, Rebecca Mileham writes ‘I would like to acknowledge the first-class chemistry brain of Andres Tretiakov, who has given me so much great advice and encouragement.’ A fantastic testament to Andres’ work!