In the Lunar calendar, 2021 is the Year of the Ox and the New Year is observed on Friday 12th February. KPS is celebrating this auspicious event with a series of activities students can take part in during form time as well as at their own leisure with their families…



Our Year 7s have performed Xin Nian Hao to celebrate this auspicious day in the Lunar calendar- Happy Lunar New Year!



On Wednesday, students led an assembly full of facts and surprises on the Year of the Ox, as well as introducing the Lunar New Year quiz to get our students ready for Friday's celebrations.

Our Lunar New Year celebration activities…

Lunar New Year Art competition

Ms Jardim is leading a LNY Art challenge for our students, with the following brief…

It is the year of the Ox! The task is to create a piece of artwork around this theme. Your work:

  • Should be of an ox
  • Should be creative and imaginative
  • Should demonstrate elements of shape/line/pattern and/or colour
  • Can be in any the following art media: drawing, painting, sculpture, installation or digital art.
  • Should be accompanied with a creative description of your ox.

Our winner is… Evelina in Year 9!

Chinese calligraphy

It is a Chinese custom to paste "福Fu" upside down on the doors or walls in the Spring Festival. Yes, the right way to paste "Fu" is to paste it upside down. Why? Because we describe this action as "福倒了 (fú dào le) the Fu character is upside down." In Chinese, "福倒了 (fú dào le) " has the same pronunciation as "福到了 (fú dào le), " which means "happiness comes."

We will create the “福Fu” that can be pasted on your door / window to represent 'happiness comes'.

Student examples…

More instructions can be found on Firefly!


Chinese cooking

Peitong in Year 10 has recommended some of these delicious dishes for our students and KPS community to make as part of their Chinese New Year celebrations- all recipes can be found on Firefly!

Dish #1 – Baked Chinese New Year Rice Cake (hard to make)

Dish #2 – Sweet & sour chicken (slightly challenging to make)

Dish #3 – Stir-fried garlic green beans (easy to make)

Lantern making & paper cutting

Students can find the instructions to make these beautiful designs on their Firefly pages.

Paper cutting is a critical cultural piece in China. It is used in celebrations, weddings, promotion and moving to a new house. It will be glued to a window or door and is used to symbolise happiness and fortune. "囍" is the most common pattern used in Chines paper cutting and is an Ancient Chinese word for happiness.