On Wednesday 18 November, KPS students and staff have the opportunity to attend Oxford University professor Dr Marshall's seminar on the picture- perfect planet, and hear more about his research with NASA.

Dr Marshall will share his entrepreneurial journey from Oxford University, to NASA, to a garage in California, where he started his company Planet with two friends. 

Their mission: to use our knowledge and understanding of space, our solar system and the universe to help life on earth.

Today, Planet serves images to users and customers all over the world, including science agencies, universities, agriculture companies, non-profits, news organisations, governments and many more. In this lecture, Dr Marshall will share examples from university researchers who are using Planet’s earth imagery to better understand our changing planet.

Students at KPS benefit from opportunities and experiences such as this, which enhance their learning and allow them to challenge themselves. We encourage students to question the world around them and seek out a wider truth from their teachers and peers. As future leaders and innovative thinkers, a KPS student looks outside of their local environment- even as far as beyond planet Earth- for knowledge and inspiration.