Despite the challenging circumstances that Covid19 and lockdown have presented, students and staff at Kensington Park School have remained resilient and adaptable.

Lessons have moved seamlessly into our remote learning environment, with positive responses from both parents and students.

Spanish lessons have remained interactive, using an app called PearDeck which allows students to work collaboratively on presentations and teachers to give instant, live feedback and provide challenging tasks to stretch students.

Extra- curricular clubs have continued to inspire our students, demonstrating how our extra-curricular clubs can still continue where possible.

Fitness continues to have paramount importance at KPS as a way to keep our minds and bodies healthy: the PE department has established a Strava account for students to share their running and cycling progress, and to cheer on each other’s efforts! We’ve even had cricket lessons continue via our online tools, ensuring our students are still able to prepare for the sport of the season this summer.


As well as academic resilience, our teachers have ensured that the wellbeing of our students has been supported, with plenty of assignments being set that have taken students away from their screens and encouraged creativity and innovation in their work. This includes recreating famous pieces of art with props (and even pets) from home, reenacting scenes from well-known Shakespeare plays and even working collaboratively across departments to produce a radio drama and artwork to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day.


During Mental Health Awareness Week (18- 24 May 2020) our teachers have organised numerous activities for both students and staff that focus on kindness and wellbeing. From a live streamed Yoga session led by Miss Farmer with over 100 students and staff joining in, to general knowledge quizzes and time to reflect on the wellbeing alphabet.


Life in our boarding house- Princess Beatrice House- has continued too, with a small number of students remaining there during this lockdown period. Our boarding staff and parents have done tremendous work to ensure those students are still able to receive quality online teaching as well as the opportunity to take part in plenty of extra-curricular house activities. Over the past few weeks they have been baking cakes to celebrate birthdays as well as having a masterclass on pizza making by hand!


We are proud of the way our school community has adapted to this difficult and unpredictable situation, with resilience and true KPS spirit.

As guidance is provided by the government, we will share our updates with our parents and students, and will continue to act in accordance with this latest official guidance.