Report by Deputy Head Mr Gosden

This week has been busy for our young musicians, preparing for our first Spring Concert, and our first House Music Competition. In both events, our students performed to an excellent standard.

I was thoroughly impressed by the levels of musicality, professionalism and expression in the many performances this week. Pupils performed an array of music from classical piano to jazz & blues, musical theatre and gospel!

The choir have made some considerable progress, in tone, confidence, skill and harmony. Attendance in rehearsals is excellent and pupils are benefiting from singing; relaxation, confidence, literacy and well-being are just some of the perks of singing!

The two other ensembles, our jazz and chamber group, have also made excellent progress. Playing an instrument to a high standard is a challenge enough, but doing this with other students requires aural ability, patience, teamwork and a sense of mutual determination to succeed.

We will look ahead to our summer activities and consider our next performance opportunities.

Well done, everyone!