We are thrilled to announce the opening day of our online KPS Winter Olympics 2021!



Each afternoon this week our Sports department are hosting the prestigious online KPS Winter Olympics, for all year groups to take part in from their own homes.

With a series of cross- curricular challenges covering 22 former host cities, as well as a few which look to the future, our students have a wide variety of activities to keep them moving. The challenges will require students to step away from their screens and take advantage of the opportunity to try out new exercises and build their confidence in these, learn about some lesser-known winter sports, and even earn some House points…

Challenges include…

  • Standing long jumps in Chamonix
  • Bobsleigh photography challenge in Lake Placid
  • Accuracy tests in Sapporo
  • KPS Winter Olympics poster designing
  • Essay writing to the Olympic Committee

And many more…

Year 9 student Adela has produced a fantastic video in her home country- the Czech Republic- which introduces the official opening of this year's KPS Winter Olympics. Adela is a KPS Sport Scholarship Student, and has recently won the overall top place in the summer Czech Biathlon National Cup 2020, securing gold medal- congratulations!


Our KPS Olympians must travel around the world to each of the host cities, going back in time and starting from 1924 in France, to kick-start this sporting festival. In order to progress from one city and its challenges to the next, students must complete each Winter Olympics event.

We look forward to crowning each KPS Olympic Champion who complete every single one of the 22 host city challenges at the end of this week.