As we settle back into life within the walls of our Lower School and Sixth Form, our teachers & staff have been working hard to support students through this process and to make sure that the energy and buzz that is synonymous with a typical day at KPS was felt once more.


With this in mind, our Sport Department led the Lower School in a tutor group scavenger hunt, both online and in and around Bark Place!

The aim of this session was to welcome students back into the physical school building, as well as providing a boost to the vibrant and energetic KPS atmosphere that we all enjoy so much. With the help of the students and the various missions they faced during the activities, KPS was well and truly alive and talking to one another again.

Take a look at some of the student responses to the challenges which were set here…

Challenge 1) Studies tell us that looking at something green helps to boost our positive moods: find something green!

Challenge 2) Doodle an image symbolising a sport, and submit your entry!

Challenge 3) Some famous athletes have been playing hide & seek in your tutor room- can you find them?


Challenge 4) Solve these riddles…

Overall leaderboard results…


Well done to all who participated- it's wonderful to welcome everyone back through the doors at KPS!