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Unlock your potential at KPS, a vibrant day and boarding school in the heart of London offering an exceptional education to students aged 11 to 18.
  • Our son really enjoys going to school. He has quickly made lovely friends, and we feel part of a community.
    Year 7 Parent
  • Due to the smaller class sizes, the nature of the teaching is a lot more tailored to each student. This gave me a sense of security and made me feel seen and heard.
    Sixth Form Student

Student Stories

  • Q&A


    We spoke to Joe from Year 11, House Captain for Effra, about his experience at KPS, and what being a House Captain means to him.

    What is your favourite thing about KPS overall?

    I really appreciate how welcoming KPS is. The school has such a diverse and inclusive community so no student feels left out or alone. It feels to me as though I have two families to lean back on when I have problems.

    Is there such thing as a ‘typical’ KPS student?

    Throughout the years I have been at KPS, I have noticed that each student is completely different and special in their own way. The school is very diverse as we have students from all over the world. This means that we all have someone to relate to and it’s easier to make friends.

    Are you a member of any co-curricular clubs?

    I take part in Biology Club as I enjoy expanding my knowledge of the subject. The club means we can go beyond the limit of what the exam covers, and learn about different and exciting topics such as the endocrine system. I also participate in French Speaking Club so I can focus on my speaking and pronunciation skills.

    Can you tell us about being a House Captain?

    This year, I was fortunate enough to obtain the role of House Captain. I applied for the role as I wanted to become more active within the KPS community. As House Captains, we take on responsibilities and leadership, and get a say in what interhouse competitions we’d like to implement, such as our recent Sports Day and Talent Show. I like that as a House Captain we help put forward not only our own thoughts, but other students’ thoughts too, and have a voice in what happens in the school.

  • Q&A


    We spoke with Abby, a boarding student in Year 13 who plans to study electrical engineering at university.

    What is your favourite subject?

    I like Maths the best. When I was young, I was in a mathematically gifted class, and I have taken that interest with me onto the A level programme, where I have participated in math challenges and even won a gold certificate.

    How have you found living in the boarding house?

    It’s really great! I have a cosy room where I can relax after school and recharge for tomorrow. Most of the students staying in the boarding house are international students, and we spend time with each other, doing activities or eating meals together. The staff arrange timetables for us to follow, which helps me balance how much time I should spend studying and relaxing, and makes me complete tasks more efficiently. At first, I found it hard communicating with others, but I had to overcome this. That’s what I have learned from my time in boarding. Before, if I had any problems, I would just ask my parents for help, but now, I am more confident making my own decisions.

    How has your academic scholarship supported you?

    I am really thankful to be a scholarship student. It has supported me to not only pursue my academic goals, but also to contribute more, and to be a better student. It has pushed me to work harder.

    What makes KPS Sixth Form unique?

    The location. It is in central London which makes travelling convenient. I like that we have two separate buildings for Sixth Form and Senior School students. While traveling between sites, I can chat to my friends and enjoy the local cafes and park.